The most advanced waterborne technology in the world.

Global with it's AST Range provides possibly the world's leading high performance waterborne exterior and interior protective coating system. Given the simple nature of the product and ease of application, it has an incredible range of marketplace applications. Some industries have quickly adopted this product range for use in Architectural, Aviation, Industrial, Maritime and Military applications, to name but a few.


Specialist Coatings

In most cases our waterborne products outperform their conventional solvent-based counterparts. They meet all current and pending regulations for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), whilst remaining environmentally responsible and user friendly.

Applied in the correct manner the Global waterborne products can offer superior adhesion, durability, and offer proven ultraviolet protection.

Specialist Coatings




In the development of the AST coating range Global has carefully considered each of the relevant regulations on the use of this type of coating(s). We are confident that these materials are the future solution as the use and restrictions of solvent-based products are being cut back. This in turn has a very sound environmental cause both immediately and for future applications.


The ever changing regulations reducing the levels of VOC's (Volatile Organic Com-pounds), increase the need for solvent free coatings. Global has successfully established a coating system, which meets all EU directives on VOC's emission. As the name suggests waterborne coatings use an aqueous base, one of the most prolific substances on the planet, and of course is inherently inert.

In 2002, many coatings used did not meet the VOC emission standards both established and enforced by the environmental bodies in the UK, EU and USA. Not only did the existing coatings used become banned, but also the equipment used to apply them.

AST D45 contains less than 250 grams/litre of VOC, which means AST D45 meets all current and forthcoming International regulations for VOC emissions.

Our products not only comply with current needs but those of the future.


Solvent Regulations

'This consultation is seeking views on the Government's proposed approach to implementing Directive 1999/13/EC on "the limitation of emissions of volatile organic compounds due to the use of organic solvents in certain activities and installations" - also called the "Solvent Emissions Directive".' Ref: DEFRA 2003-12-17

As Global waterborne products provide excellent performance in the current and indeed future regulations, the Global product range is waterborne and hence inherently perfect to meet the stringent requirements of these regulations.